Alexandre de Betak

Passionate about fashion, arts and design, Alexandre de Betak created BUREAU BETAK in Paris in 1990. The scenographer quickly established himself as a key figure in fashion and set the benchmark for designing fashion shows around the world. The biggest luxury brands place their trust in him in Paris as well as in New York and Shanghai, where he is established. A visionary, Alexandre was the first to broadcast a parade on the internet, with Victoria’s Secret. Also a designer, he designs pieces for Artcurial and Swarovski and has designed the interior of the Black Calvados restaurant as well as a room in his name at the Amour hotel. In 2017, he published a book of photographs, Betak, Fashion Show Revolution (ed. Phaidon), which traces twenty-five years of fashion shows.

‘We are the same. We like challenges, but without overselling ourselves, and we find it interesting to outdo ourselves. We have been working with G2V for four years. We share great adventures and events with Vincent’s teams. Executing fashion shows must be visually beautiful and very impactful, and this requires great precision. Playing with volumes requires an impeccable quality of execution that G2V master. I have an unimaginable level of demands, even within a limited period. What is good is that the more we work together, the more we give ourselves the means to go further. In fact, we can dream “complicated” and get there!’