Pierre Darme

Trained at the National School of Arts and Textile Industries (ENSAIT), specialising in architecture and decoration, it was after his military service that he joined his former teacher, architect Gérard Doisy, at his agency; there he stayed for thirteen years. He would be his only student. In 1988, he met Francis Holder, who entrusted him with the management of a design office within the Paul group. To date, he has to his credit plans for 850 Paul bakeries, a hundred Ladurée stores and numerous real estate and industrial projects.

‘We have been working with G2V for six years. For the design office that I run, it provides real peace of mind. G2V offers every trade; they supervise everything and we thus avoid a multitude of contributors and subcontractors. It’s a permanent exchange; everything goes smoothly with their different departments and it’s essential to have a good relationship with the company. In addition to building bakeries, we have entrusted them with a block of twenty-three apartments as well as three very high-standard apartments. G2V knows how to adapt perfectly to all our requests and requirements. As regards materials and new techniques or technologies, their proposals are always welcome.’