Emmanuel Guiraud

Until the age of thirty, Emmanuel Guiraud made “a lot of noise and nonsense”, but he dreamt of discovering the world of cinema, advertising, and filming. It was working for Jean-Baptiste Mondino, where he began serving coffee, that it clicked. In 2003, after an enriching experience as a producer at Bandits Production, Emmanuel Guiraud founded the advertising production company Soixan7e Quin5e. Today, he is the proud producer of films, brand content, music videos, and alternative formats for the biggest brands and advertising agencies.

‘It was while visiting a friend of mine in his office, the ROS company, that I discovered G2V. I was seduced by their style and, having my own office project located in the 10th arrondissement, an aging and abandoned place, I asked for them. As a lover of stone and old style, I wanted to give the place a very mineral and metallic look. By entrusting the execution of this site to G2V, the result was in line with my expectations. They managed to transform it while preserving its authenticity.’