Pauline Lorenzi-Boisrond

As a child, Pauline spent her time in a hut in her garden which she landscaped, decorated and furnished with things she found. Having become a marketing director in the world of cinema, she dropped everything in 2017 to attend the Ecole Boulle, specialising in space design. At thirty-five, finally in her element, she set up her interior architecture studio which she called Ett Hem, meaning “house” in Swedish.

‘When you change your professional life, you always take a risk. But I don’t regret anything because I feel so good where I am, going back to my first love: interior architec-ture. That’s all I do; that’s all I think about. A beginner at heart, I need to have good surroundings. With G2V, I am reassured, supervised — I would even say enveloped – and it is a pleasure to work in such condi-tions. By delegating the technical aspects to their design office, I can devote myself to the aesthetic aspects. I made an apartment with them on the rue Pergolèse in Paris. I wanted the stairs to fly. They understood my vision and the result is there. It’s fascinating to see that with them, the word “impossible” does not exist. In 48 hours, they are able to do what others would do in three weeks.’