Vincent Gérard

From an early age, I have always shown an insatiable curiosity. I asked an infinite number of questions to my interlocutors to understand their profession, whatever it was, which earned me the nickname of “the inspector of finished works”. I cannot list the number of disassembled electronic devices and furniture that I have never been able to reassemble. These experiments developed my practical mind, favouring the tangible world to theory. Later, I realised that I needed to work rather than study. I wanted to feel useful.

‘Icreated G2V when I was twenty. In founding this company, my first motivation was to allow my cli-ents to make their dreams come true. It is over the course of our projects that we have evolved and perfected our know-how. If I wanted to create this website, it would be, above all, to pay tribute to my teams and to those who place their trust in us. For twenty-three years, unbelievably as it may sound, G2V has operated purely by word of mouth. I also wanted to say “thank you”. Well, not quite! I prefer the Portuguese word obrigado. I like its sense, which goes beyond thanks; it is more of a dedication. I like that idea, and I take it on with pride: I shall be your devoted faithful. Several collaborations have made me grow. Sarah, Pierre, Henri, Alexandre, Emmanuel, Charles, Pauline, Guillaume and Francis are the witnesses of our work. They were kind enough to share their experiences in this website.’