Sarah Hamizi

It was at the age of eight that Sarah, who liked to watch her grandfather shave, began to take an interest in male beauty. In 2000, she opened her first salon on the rue Condorcet in Paris. In 2013, she shared her passion and her experience by publishing a book, Beards and Moustaches: how to trim them (ed. Larousse). Her growing notoriety encouraged her to open her first flagship salon on the rue Bertin-Poirée in 2014, which she entrusted to G2V.

‘My collaboration with G2V is, above all, a human encounter with a team passionate about its work. Excellence and kept promises are the terms that best sum them up! Led by Vincent, a big teddy bear and an unstoppable bulldozer, we have been able to forge a strong partnership between our two companies, which has led us to jointly open four hairdressing salons. G2V know how to make decisions quickly and demonstrate real agility of mind. They are able to turn constraints into assets. In a world where you have to reinvent yourself almost every day, they have always respected my identity and been able to communicate that.’